The Mission

The Friends of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Inc. (FNCC) fosters support and seeks and assists with obtaining funds and lands from United States residents, citizens, corporations and foundations for priority conservation projects and associated costs to protect areas of biological diversity in Canada for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of future generations. FNCC focuses on supporting projects that benefit both the United States and Canada.

The purposes of FNCC are:

Johnson’s Mills Shore, New Brunswick (photo by Margot Elliot)

Johnson’s Mills Shore, New Brunswick (photo by Margot Elliot)

  • To identify, preserve and manage lands having significant natural values and the flora, fauna and natural features within.
  • To educate and inform the public in regard to such aims and activities and the consequent preservation of biological diversity.
  • To encourage and implement scientific research, land protection and management, and the collation of information.

FNCC supports land conservation efforts in Canada and the work of Canadian conservation organizations, including but not limited to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canada’s leading national land conservation organization.